Free Rita's Today!

In Chicago, they look forward to the first day of spring because it means the temperatures will finally inch up a few degrees. In L.A., we can only imagine, some of Hollywood’s elite are celebrating the Vernal Equinox as part of some wacky religious “tradition.”

In Philadelphia, however, we know March 20 brings with it something much greater: free Rita’s Italian Ice.

That's right: This Friday, a free regular cup of Rita’s Italian Ice is yours between the hours of noon and 10 p.m. The flavor you choose is entirely up to you.

Rita’s expects to give away more than 1 million free ices at 500 stores across 17 states—so you’ll probably want to get there early, and should plan to wait in line. This year marks the 17th anniversary of the first-day-of-spring giveaway.

Pay attention to the franchise’s Facebook page, as it promises to have more details about the event posted in the coming days.

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