Free Ice Cream at RTM at Noon

This is your Public Service Announcement alerting you to the free ice cream that The Cooking Channel (kind of like the MTV2 of The Food Network, who decided to show Guy Fieri eating hamburgers 24 hours a day) is handing out at the Reading Terminal Market today at noon. Bassett's will be providing the frozen treat, so there's no need to worry about them handing out some worthless TCBY flavorless crud. That being said, we would have been ok with Choco Tacos. Ching-He Huang from Chinese Food Made Easy will be representing the network at the truck.

While you're there, grab a Duck Roll at Sang Kee, and stop over at The Flying Monkey Patisserie who have updated their world-famous Pumpple Cake for summer, stuffed with blueberries and cherries. [The Feast]

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