Frankford Hall Gets New Chef, Menu

When Frankford Hall opened, restaurateur Stephen Starr went without an executive chef and brought in pre-made sausages to feed the crowds. The early critical reports were glowing in regards to the beer and the space, but the food made a poor showing. Fast forward to today, where the kitchen now showcases some very creative burger options coming from the mind of Executive Chef Jim Davidson, who has been in the kitchen at Butcher and Singer.

Our favorite version was the Lamb Gyro burger, which was very juicy and topped with tzatziki and a fantastic tomato jam. The most caloric beast is most definitely the Poutine Burger, which features a La Frieda blended patty, topped with french fries, fontina and white cheddar cheese, and foie gras gravy. The weakest link was the Salmon Burger, which sounded like a great pescatarian option, but ended up quite dry. Ordering it medium rare might solve the problem.

The biggest surprise on the menu was the Beefsteak Tartare, which was a veg-friendly version of the beefy classic, and ended up being the most flavorful and rich dish we tried. A definite must-order for the veggie set and omnivores alike.

While Frankford Hall hasn't perfected the Teutonic cuisine they originally attempted, we can't argue with the quality of their new menu additions and embracing the bar crowd that fills the space every night. For those who were disappointed in the original menu, it's definitely worth heading back for another visit. [The Feast]

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