Fourth Wall Arts Salon Dances, Paints & Sings

The salon proves to be a success as attendance keeps growing

Looking to get closer to the Philly art scene -- maybe check out some music, magic and dance you otherwise might have missed?

All types of artists will come together as part of the Fourth Wall Arts Salon's monthly show this Saturday.

Hosted by Nina 'Lyrispect' Ball, the eighth edition of the fledgling group's series features 10 acts including a poet, a magician, a dancer and more, bringing local and regional artists together no matter what background or medium.

"Center city professionals and emerging artists come together for an interactive evening of fine art and entertainment that inspire and engage the mind." says Fourth Wall Arts Salon.

Artists featured this month include Liam Dean, Tev Smith, Ms. Wise, Jocelyn Isaac, Brad Carney, Ran'd Shine, Too Much R.A.W., Jimmy Crack Corn Experiment and DJ Supreme.

Created by Elijah Dornstreich, Keir Johnston and Alexandria "Brinae Ali" Bradley, the Fourth Wall Arts Salon was origally intended to take place in Dornstreich's Center City home, says This proved to be impossible when the attendance nearly tripled from the first meeting in May to August.

Instead of picking a permanent venue, the non-profit group opted to book a different venue each month giving varying artists varying space to perform.

Saturday night's show will take place at the WHYY Inc: News Room from 7 to 9 p.m. and includes a vegetarian food spread and an open bar. Tickets are only $15 if you purchase them online or 20 bucks at the door.

Hurry and claim your ticket if you're an art fan or just looking for something different to do to kick off your Saturday night -- the venues vary in size and tickets are selling fast.

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