Forget the Bed & Breakfast. Try the Bed & Dinner?

Bed and Breakfast. It’s self-explanatory -- a place to stay and a place to chow down on morning grub. 

The traditional idea of what makes a B&B is now being challenged.

In Beach Haven, N.J. bed and breakfast owners want to expand their menus to lunch and dinner, in order to turn their businesses into year-round moneymakers.

Isn’t breakfast always good for dinner?

Apparently not.

Tourists won’t stay at a B&B in the off-season since they only serve breakfast, inn owners told the Press of Atlantic City. This is due to the borough’s 2002 Bed and Breakfast ordinance, which limits their menu to a.m. eats.

Williams Cottage Inn Bed and Breakfast is one Beach Haven B&B that is open throughout the year, but it's slow in the winter and "it's hard to survive and make money in just 12 weeks," owners told the paper.

Acting Mayor Michael Battista said they have too much on their plate to take-on this plea.

“There are just more important issues to deal with right now, like beach replenishment... Rezoning will be very complicated,” he told the newspaper.

And this raises another question -- would the name change to a Bed and Breakfast, and Lunch, and Dinner?  A Bed and Diner?   This could get messy.

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