Food Network Stars Coming to Philly

The Taste Festival of Food, Wine, and Spirits is getting ready to pop at the Valley Forge Convention Center from October 21 - 23. This year, they've brought in a few of your favorite celebrity chefs, like Ted Allen from Chopped, Mike Isabella from Top Chef, and local dude Jose Garces from Iron Chef America to do some on-stage cooking demos, and have a little meet and greet with festival-goers.

Tickets to the event are $30 online, and for you procrastinators there's a $10 upcharge at the door. For you learning types, there's a wine seminar with Phil Silverstone, and a beer class with Still Crazy After All These Beers author Gary Monterosso.

For you Dangerous Deckhands fans, angry crabber Russell Newberry will be in attendance to let all of you guys know that, no, you couldn't handle life on a crab boat in The Bering Sea no matter how badass you are on your couch. [The Feast]

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