Photos: Fans Flyered Up for Game 3

With the Flyers coming home for the Stanley Cup Final Orange and Black took over south Philly.

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Bill Phee of Wilmington, Del. shows off a great look.
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Whether with skates or stilts, Flyers fever spread quickly in Philly Wednesday, as shown by these fans outside and inside the Wachovia Center.
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It's a family affair for Flyers fans as this group and others waited outside the Wachovia Center to enter the arena.
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More practical for daily use than a foam finger, fingernails emblazoned with the Flyers logo get this fan extra points for creativity.
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Just in case we forgot what the Flyers are playing for, this fan dressed up as the trash can Stanley Cup.
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Fan Bill Page of Delaware gearing up for Flyers greatness.
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With the pressure of Game 3 of the Finals mounting, an excited fan stood outside with a sign urging the Flyers to "never say die".
Paul Kolnik
More pre-game action as fans from Philadelphia got excited for the Flyers to take on the Blackhawks again.
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Two fans getting into the Finals spirit with full-on Flyers face paint.
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Never a doubt: Flyers fans gathered inside the Wachovia Center to show solidarity for the Game 3 showdown.
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One fan held up a sign with the Flyers logo as Game 3 continued inside the Wachovia Center.
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Fans high-fived one another and cheered during Game 3.
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