Michelle Obama Hearts Five Guys

Even the first lady likes these burgers

Five Guys Burgers and Fries has stolen the hearts of burger lovers everywhere, even the White House. In fact, Michelle Obama has admitted to sneaking out to grab a bite of this guilty pleasure.

"I went to Five Guys and nobody knew it," she told children visiting the White House, "It was good."

And when you have chef's on call 24-7 that can make anything you want, that's pretty impressive.

So what's so special about Five Guys' burgers (besides the fact that they're made from actual meat and not that weird, fake meat that other fast food chains sell)?

Five Guys looks like you would expect any fast food restaurant would, only a  cleaner and with a million signs all over the wall about how their burgers are the best. We're not going to argue, they were pretty darn good.

With a menu full of, you guessed it -- burgers, there's not much else to choose from, save for a few different hot dog options, a grilled veggie sandwich and grilled cheese. But you know that ahead of time, so it's no surprise.

What is a surprise, is the size of the portions. Their "little" cheeseburger is not so little, with a large meat patties and piled high with any topping you want, maybe some peppers, barbeque sauce and pickles or old favorites like lettuce, tomato or onion. Seriously, keep in mind the size of the burgers when placing your order. We know guys that can't eat more than one of the regular size.  

Same goes for the fries, one regular is more than enough for two people. But don't feel bad if you scarf down more than you should have, Five Guys using 100% peanut oil (they have peanuts on all the tables for your enjoyment as well) and boast no trans fat.

The only downside to Five Guys Burgers and Fries is the price. At almost $5 for the "little" burger, a fast-food meal for two can get a little pricey, but when your husband's the President of the United States, guess it doesn't matter.


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