Fist-Pumpers Unite in Honor of “Jersey Shore”

If you're Guidioing it out, we want to see your pictures -- we'll post the best online


In the orange streaked wake of the growing popularity of MTV’s controversial new show Jersey Shore, a new breed of fist pumpers are coming out of their tanning beds to unite as one.

Jersey Shore themed house parties and bar nights is sweeping the country as the “It” party to be at.

Some locals are even having their personal birthday parties with the popular new theme. Wonder if the invitations were sent via Yager bombs or cans of Aqua Net?

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are filled with groups and even committees dedicated specifically to the creation of new guidos and guidettes.

One group in particular even have titles for their positions on the committee such as Chief-First Pumping Officer and Director of GTL (Gym, Tan and Laundry) Compliance.

To attend specialty themed parties like these, you must come dressed as your favorite character -- hair gel, tan lines and slurred speech is a must to be considered.

For those of you that like to live life looking an oompa loompa with bling and hair gel these events are completely for you.

So all you up and coming guidos get in the gym to prepare yourself for the fist pumping to come and guidettes get your Snooki poof just right because if you don’t have these essentials ready...fuhgetaboutit.

If you're going to one of these parties or going to see Ronnie and Sammi at McFadden's, we want to see your pictures -- send them to We'll post the best ones on the site.

In the meantime, Jersey Shore yourself and check out these up and coming guidos and guidettes:

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