“First Dog Bo”

With apologies and an homage to dear old Dr. Seuss

He is "Bo,"
He is "Bo."
Just try saying "no."
To White House dog "Bo!"

He will jump, bark and definitely run faster,
But some question whether he'll listen to Obama his master.

It's not like he's trying,
To be the family's foe,
It's just that they decided to call him "Bo!"
When the magic word in training often is "NO!"

They can use negative, never, stop or nay
Because "No" to "Bo" will be confusing to say!

Experts predict a rough time for the pup,
When a command and his name get all mixed up!
Are they calling him "Bo?"
Or are they telling him "No?"

If he can't heed orders, he won't have fun
While running around on Air Force One!

It's not that "Bo" is bad,
Or cannot be trained,
But until "Bo" understands "No"
On a leash he will reign.

Some wonder aloud,
What's become of the press?
Why do they care about a dog's
Name-game, behavioral mess?!

You see, the economy is bad,
Unemployment on the rise,
It's a feel-good diversion
From day-to-day demise!

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