The PMS Clan (You Go, Girl!!)

PMS, but not what you're thinkin'

They're the PMS Clan, no it's not about that time of the month, it's about one of the fastest growing fan bases in the world of video gaming -- the women!

Fact: The average age of a gamer is 35.

Fact: 45% of all gamers are WOMEN.

At  Virtual Rush in Media, Pa., you can often find Daniela Lao, who's a member of the PMS Clan. Daniela likes video gaming for the social aspect. She gets to meet and talk to a lot of other women who share her passion for gaming.

Daniela is a hard core gamer. So is Bonnie Hunsperger. Seriously! They're at the controls 6 to 8 hours a day.

Bonnie even started her own gaming magazine, Girls N Gaming. Reviews are on the "extreme girlie" side.

And then there's the story of 45-year old Kristen Morris. She quit her job as a lawyer to open up a video games franchise in the Plymouth Meeting Mall called, "Play 'N Trade." Business is booming and she gets to play Guitar Hero with her kids. Not a bad gig.

You'll see a ton of girl gamers this weekend at the VGXPO (Video Game Expo) at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Video Game Expo 2008 runs until 8pm tonight.
Saturday Hours:  10am to 7pm
There's an after-hours party Saturday night as well.
Sunday Hours:  10am to 5pm

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