Robbery Victim, Would-Be Thief Shot During Tussle Outside Philly Bar

An armed guard shoots a robber who had shot his victim outside a Feltonville bar, police say

What to Know

  • An armed guard shot a robber after Philadelphia police say the robber shot his victim.
  • The incident played out outside of a Feltonville bar early Saturday.
  • Both the robber and his victim were listed in critical condition.

A would be robber and his alleged victim wound up shot outside of a Philadelphia bar early Saturday morning.

The violent incident played out around 1 a.m. at the corner of East Eleanor Street and Rising Sun Avenue in the Feltonville neighborhood.

The suspect tried robbing a 27-year-old man outside of the bar and a struggle broke out for the robber’s gun, Philadelphia police said. During the tussle, the robber shot the man once in the chest.

A security guard with a permit to carry a gun then came outside and shot the robber once in the back, police said.

Both the robber and robbery victim were rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

It wasn’t clear if the guard was on duty at the bar, which has no name on the facade, at the time, investigators said.

No charges were immediately filed and the investigation continued Saturday.

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