McNabb Speaks of Overtime, Says His Ignorance Was Trend-Setting for the League

It's obvious that the overtime comments by Donovan McNabb were not going to just fall off writer's notepads the way most quotes tend to. This was serious. A professional quarterback did not know that the sport he plays could end in a tie. Yes doctor, that 'knife' is really what we like to call a scalpel.

McNabb was asked by a reporter if he regretted the overtime comment after the game and while most would admit it was probably the wrong thing to say, the Eagles quarterback just kept on pushing the gas. Via MDS at PFT...

"No. Because I think 100 percent of everybody in the league knows now. So if I'm kind of a trend-setter, then I've kind of set the trend."

"It didn't make me feel bad at all," McNabb continued today. "I was truly being honest. And the thing about it is, now other people are saying they didn't know it either. Am I wrong for that? No. Should I have known that rule? There's a lot of rules that coaches, officials, players don't know."

This just seems like a well known person not admitting he's wrong. Yeah, maybe a couple of other players didn't know that NFL games could end in a tie, but it truly was a "Dan Quayle misspelling potato" moment for the Pro Bowler and at least he could admit he slipped up.

I find this fascinatingly clueless the same way most fans feel when coaches challenge plays that everyone can see has no chance of being overturned. You might have been confused about overtime, but just don't say anything. We all knew and I can barely finish a Chipotle burrito with chicken.

And Donovan, one more thing -- I'm not sure you're setting a trend by not knowing ties existed. Hooded sweatshirts or Affliction shirts or slap bracelets are trends. Not knowing the rules of football when you play the sport is not.

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