Chase Utley's World Series ‘F-Bomb' Brought Out the Politically Correct Whiners to the FCC

Chase Utley really

Okay, maybe not. Turns out the FCC got a whole slew of complaints from


awesome people.

"If they didn't want such words to be broadcast, they should have aired [it] on a delay to catch any obscene language," wrote a viewer from Philadelphia. "Pull their license to broadcast." Another viewer wrote: "He should be disciplined for his lack of respect towards his fans and in particular the children exposed to such vulgarity. . . . The broadcasters are not at fault. Chase Utley is."

So, yeah, someone -- that being a television station -- will probably get in trouble for this. And then, hopefully, once you add in DVR time, we'll end up watching sports on a 24-hour delay, just to make sure we don't see or hear anything dirty, sexy or violent.

Oh yes, and Utley, predictably, had an awesome reaction to all of this.

"I tell all kids not to use that word. If they're 29 and they win the World Series, I think they can say that. But I definitely would say to all the kids out there, 'Kids, it's a bad word. Don't say it. And I'm dead serious.' "

Exactly. When you win the World Series, you can say whatever you want. That's not to say that the FCC can't tack on a fine to some of these stations, but when people start freaking out about "live television" and "role models" because one of Philly's finest citizens accidentally let loose an F-bomb after bringing home a title, well, maybe we need to take a look at the nightly news and realize that what they're reporting is way worse than a silly little swear word.
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