Everyone is Going to Drink Riesling

Summer awoke from it's long hibernation Tuesday, which means that New York's Terroir Wine Bar is kicking off their annual Summer of Riesling festival. For the past three years, Terroir's Wine Director and Co-Owner Paul Grieco (known to some as the "Riesling Overlord") has taken the event as an opportunity to educate locals on the greatness of Riesling, a white wine varietal native to Germany.

This year, Grieco and his team have roped in over 160 restaurants and wine bars across the country to participate, with each agreeing to pour three Rieslings by-the-glass through September 24. Here in town there are two spots getting in on the action, Brauhaus Schmitz, obviously, and the always delightful Pub and Kitchen.

Grieco's enthusiasm and evangelism in the clip above is infectious if nothing else, as he looks to remind people that not all Rieslings are sweet. He also mentions the possibility of getting in a van and driving across the country to preach the greatness of that most misunderstood white grape. That would totally rule. [The Feast]

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