Eric Ripert Wants Total Enlightenment

Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin is arguably the best seafood chef in the world today, and is absolutely the most recgonizable in the U.S. Ripert's success is unparallelled, boasting a four-star rating from the New York Times, three Michelin stars, as well as James Beard Awards for both Outstanding Restaurant of the Year and Outstanding Chef of the Year.

But, when the silver fox isn't wowing diners with perfectly cooked monkfish, wooing the population with that smoldering gaze, or getting fashion houses to customize his accoutrements, what does he crave? What makes him angry? What does he procrastinate about? In other words, what does he have in common with the average mortal?

We got these answers when The Feast invaded his kitchen at 10 Arts, where he was doing a special dinner with his Chef de Cuisine, Top Chef star Jen Carroll. [The Feast Philadelphia]

What do you crave?
Black chocolate—dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is definitely something I crave all of the time.

What won't you share?
Dark chocolate.

Do you know your limits?
I do know my limits very well.

What makes you angry?
Food that can be dangerous for your health. Something that is old, or unhealthy, or that is prepared with not too much care. Anything potentially dangerous to your health. That makes me angry.

If you were to win an award imagined or real, what would it be for?
I want to become enlightened.

What's been on your to-do list for the longest time?
It stays on my list for the longest time. But, I want to go to The Fat Duck in England and have a beautiful tasting menu there.

Watch this clip to see how this episode of Sin City compares to his first last fall during The Feast Talks. To see Jen Carroll in the hot seat, click here.

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