Equality Forum: Seven Days to Celebrate Gays

Every spring, Philly becomes a mecca for gays everywhere with the weeklong Equality Forum.

That's seven days of gays!

They're on a mission to express themselves, educate others and advance civil rights -- and they're doing it in style, with more than 50 programs and events from Monday, April 27 until Sunday, May 3.

The Equality Forum kicked off yesterday with a VIP, invitation-only event at City Hall. Mayor Nutter will present a Distinguished Service Award to Pa. State Rep Dwight Evans.

The week continues with discussions on topics like transgender, race and civil rights, Dining Out for Life, concerts and lots of fabulous parties.

And of course next Saturday is jam-packed with more than anymore could do in just one day.

The Equality Forum culminates on Sunday with SundayOUT! Festival, an all day outdoor party in Old City. But at 10 p.m., it's time to more onto to Pure at 1221 James Street where you can celebrate another great forum until 4 in the morning!

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