Get Dirty With Bob Saget

The Philly native is returning for one night

Witness the transformation of Bob Saget from Full House dad to vulgar comedian at his stand-up show at the Keswick Theatre on Dec. 3.

If any "Entourage" fans out there were shocked to see the former "Danny Tanner" go wild during his appearance on the show, then you know what we are talking about when we mention his slight personality change. 

Either way, the bubble has burst. We have to accept that he isn't the all-American dad living with Jessie and Joey and carrying the Olsen twins on his hip.

It's true, he is a dad, but he has many more sides to his personality than his former TV character seemed to have.

So now that we've cleared that up, we can head to his show and enjoy the dirty jokes -- and who knows, whatever else might come up -- without any surprise. After all, he will be back on his old stomping grounds, so we are bracing ourselves for anything and everything.

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