Don't Get Caught With That Energy Drink

Energy drinks banned at local schools

Many college students depend on it to get through an all-nighter or, who are we kidding, to make it through class after a night of hard partying—Energy drinks.

But, if you’re a teen in the Upper Moreland  Middle or High School and rely on quick jolts, like Red Bull or Monster, you had best leave that can at home (and figure out how to work more sleep into your schedule).

Energy. Drinks. Are. Banned.

That’s right—pop open a can in school or even get caught with one and you’ll get detention, according to The Intelligencer.

Administrators saw kids downing three to four cans during the school day and getting sick, Superintendent Rober Milrod told the paper, so they  decided  to ban them altogether.

Side note: Not a smart idea to drink so much of that stuff , kiddo. Plus, you pretty much ruined it for every student who consumed it properly. Nice work.

Monster even warns consumers not to drink more than three cans per day and if you are preggers or sensitive to caffeine, to avoid it all together, the paper noted.

The district-wide policy makes possessing or drinking energy drinks a Level One misconduct, along with unexcused lateness and eating in class, according to the paper (Ironic how more kids may be late now that their morning fix was nixed—just sayin’).

And unsurprisingly, some students are ticked. 

“This may be one of the silliest rules I have ever heard of. The teachers drink their caffeine every morning, just in the form of coffee. How would they feel if they were not allowed to drink their coffee in the morning and throughout the day?” Upper Moreland High School alum Max Schubert told the paper.


Energy drinks have some upsides and benefits, according to Schubert, like increasing academic performance.

“It increases awareness which can increase concentration. Therefore, energy drinks could help students learn better,” he said.

Nice try Schubert, but we bet the school board will stick to their guns on this one.

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