Emergency Car Kit

72-Hour Car Kit Suggested Items

  • Purified water (2 liters/person)
  • Food, (3 day supply requiring no cooking)
  • Blanket, sleeping bag or emergency metallic space blanket
  • Large plastic garbage bag, poncho or rain gear
  • Eating utensils, can opener
  • 2 rolls toilet paper
  • Compass, mirror, whistle
  • Small 2-man tent
  • Small water filter or iodine crystals
  • Flashlights (extra batteries & bulb)
  • Sharp knife
  • Matches, light sticks
  • FRS or small transistor radio with extra batteries
  • Rope (20 lb test min.), fish line, hooks
  • Leather gloves, dust masks

Personal Items:

  • Shower cap (to keep fallout out of your hair)
  • Chapstick, hairbrush, hand lotion
  • Feminine supplies,
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Soap, washcloth, small towel, razor
  • Extra eyeglasses (even if you wear contacts)
  • Baby wipes, deodorant
  • Change of clothing, jacket, shoes, socks, underwear, hat
  • Infant needs, if necessary
  • Family pictures

Source: TACDA, The American Civil Denfense Association

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