Follow the Clues to Find Ellen's Show Today in Philly

In honor of Earth Day, The Ellen DeGeneres Show is issuing a fun and interactive Twitter Challenge to the City of Brotherly Love this Wednesday.

Details of where and when the big event will happen will be tweeted on Ellen’s Twitter page. You can also follow NBCPhiladelphia on Twitter and/or Facebook to get the latest clues on what to do.

"It’s an outreach of love and Philadelphia is next... Ellen taking over the world via Twitter... one city at a time," DeGeneres Tweeted.

Wednesday morning Ellen tweeted a big clue:

"Good morning, Philly! Get your scissors & tape ready & watch my tweets! First set of instructions coming soon… #EllenInPhilly."

What exactly she was looking for followers to do became clear around 10 a.m.

"Philly: Be creative & make urself an outfit out of found or recycled stuff. The bigger&funnier the better. You’ve got 5 hrs. Start crafting!"

So there you have it -- get those arts and craft skills going.

But, it still wasn't clear where The Ellen Show would be.

Maybe she gave a clue on Tuesday afternoon:

"Philly’s home to the Liberty Bell, and tmrw it’s gonna be home to my EarthDay Twitter Challenge! Keep your eyes on my tweets! #EllenInPhilly."

Unfortunately Ellen won't physically be here but her crew will be so keep your eyes open and be ready to be on TV if you follow the clues correctly because there's a big prize involved.

"Get excited, & get ready for one of my best and biggest twitter giveaways yet. #EllenInPhilly"

Your guess is as good as ours as to what the prize is, but knowing Ellen it's sure to be good.

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