Ed Rendell On Booing Etiquette

In the latest installment of his weekly sports column for the Daily News, former PA Governor Ed Rendell published a sort of booing manifesto yesterday to educate Philly fans on what he deems appropriate booing etiquette.

Angered at the Phillies fans booing of former World Series MVP Cole Hamels after a bad start last week, Rendell has laid out the proper instances in which booing should and should not occur. Some highlights:

* When lack of effort is involved
* When a politician is involved
* When a player has knocked Philly, or refused to play here
* When a player (even a Philly player) has insulted the fans

* When a player becomes injured (known unofficially as the "Michael Irvin Rule")
* When a very good Philly player is seemingly aloof or above it all

Of course, not everyone appreciates the former guv and hizzoner telling them how to boo, but critics should probably step lightly and consider themselves warned: You wouldn't like Ed when he's angry.

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