Eat Like A King For A Pauper's Price

The disastrous economy could be your ticket to first-class

Oh, how quickly times have changed! This time last year, splurging was in (and by splurging, we mean spending obscene amounts of money on items like Louis Vuitton dog carriers). Not anymore! The theme of 2009 seems to be: Save, save, save.

As those obscene spenders pinch their pennies, sales of luxury products are plummeting driving high-end establishments to subsequently slash prices. Which means: Now's our chance!

In response to such belt-tightening, the bastion of the big splurge in dining, Le Bec-Fin, has unveiled a "Winter 2 for $100 Menu" on Monday through Thursday nights. (Yes, you did your math right – that's $50 each!) The three-course prix-fixe menu showcases the famed kitchen's haute cuisine, at a fraction of the price. And for an extra $25 per person, guests can add a wine flight to their meal – a bargain considering ordering a bottle off the extensive wine list will set you back at least that. Eat, drink and be merry… we're in a recession!

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