Easton Stops Distributing Hitler Quote Yearbook

Hitler quote accidentally lands in high school yearbook: principal

UPDATE: Easton Area High School has stopped distributing copies of their Rechauffe Yearbook after a quote from Adolf Hitler landed on page of the 2010 edition.

Here is a review of the original story that had people throughout the area discussing how this could happen.

More than 200 pages of fond memories were possibly spoiled by the words of a dictator.

A high school yearbook full of inspirational quotes seemed like a great idea but it turned into a controversial one for Easton High.

Seniors picking up their copies of the Rechauffe yearbook earlier this week noticed one quotation that shouldn’t have made the cut. The dubious quote landed on page 190 alongside gems from coaches Vince Lombardi and Jim Valvano.

“And in the last analysis, success is what mattered,” Adolf Hitler.

School officials and some students doubted that someone with a Neo-Nazi agenda added the quote intentionally but rather the yearbook committee made an oversight.

“I looked at it as an error -- as an oversight,” said 11th and 12th grade principal Mike Koch. “It wasn’t intended to be malicious. We pride ourselves on diversity at Easton High School and it was one thing that just simply slipped by.”

With 288 pages and two to three quotes a page, Koch says the student yearbook staff saw the quote but didn’t notice the author until it was too late.

“I’m not thinking like somebody’s trying to punk the yearbook,” Koch said.

This is isn’t the first time a yearbook controversy has plagued Easton. Seven years ago a racial epithet was spelled backwards under the picture of an African-American athlete in the yearbook.

But this time students are leaning towards sloppy editing rather than intentional bigotry.

“I don’t think anyone would put Adolf Hitler in there on purpose in a yearbook,” Alex Rubino said.

“Our diversity is very strong so I believe it was just a mistake,” said Christian Bardales.

The message from school officials is that tolerance is taught in Easton High School and that one quote can’t derail that message.

Principal Koch says that the disctrict will replace the page with an edited version if parents or students ask.

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