Eastern State's Prison Perspective

Have you ever been curious about the inner workings of a prison? Check out Eastern State Penitentiary’s newest exhibits the “TowerCam!” and “Prison in a Prison” tour debuting April 10.

Program director, Sean Kelley, said the “TowerCam!” will give visitors a “control freak experience.”

Guests will be given a set of remote, high-definition cameras they control themselves to gain the patrol officers’ perspective five flights above. The view from the central guard tower of the Penitentiary is then relayed back down to the ground on large screens. “I hope people get the perspective that our staff finds so wonderful,” Kelley said.

This exhibit is one of their most high-tech and interactive, according to Kelley.

Also making its debut is the “Prison in a Prison” tour. For the first time ever, guided groups will experience a punishment given only to the most difficult inmates. Cell block 14, also known as “The Hole,” is a tiny, cramped, windowless cell no one would want to be subject to -- until now that is.

Kelley recommends making a reservation for the tour on ESP's Web site. “TowerCam!” and “Prison in a Prison” are included with admission.

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