Early Snow Hits Chester Co.

Just about everywhere you looked there was the fluffy white stuff in Chester County and the November snow meant different things to different generations in Lionville, Pa.

The cranium had to be just the right size before 3-year-old Steve Blessing could complete his snowman.
"He was so excited this morning -- couldn't wait to get out and get his snow boots on," said Steve's father Glenn Blessing 

Evidently Glenn couldn't wait either as he had some fun before heading off to work.

But for the rest of of the area's Over-21 contingent the accidental snowfall meant manual labor.

"I went to the gym and then came back and finished my workout shoveling this wet stuff -- It was too wet for the snowblower," said Sandy McNeil

Going places meant banking on how much winter driving the other drivers had remembered.

"They were all over the place -- they need to learn how to drive!" Frank McClatchy griped.

Those who had forgotten had to re-learn quickly.
If nothing else this snowfall reminded everyone that winter may be back from retirement.

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