Music City Meltdown Marred by Mistakes



That's the best way to describe the way the eagles played against the Tennessee Titans Sunday.

The 37-19 loss was marred by mistakes that would be made by a losing team. There were four turnovers including two in the final few minutes and bad penalties on key downs. Add in missed coverages and poor coverage in the defensive secondary.

To pour salt in the wounds the Eagles were beaten by the Titans stinkin’ backup QB Kerry Collins -- a 16-year NFL veteran who barely has anything left in his tank. And, Collins gave the Eagles a fumble and two interceptions, which the Eagles failed to make him pay for.

The Eagles blew the game up when it was just 16-7 with about six minutes left in the thirds quarter. Kevin Kolb and LeSean McCoy missed a hand off because the offensive line missed a block. Tennessee recovered the fumble on the Birds’ 3-yard line and the game spiraled out of control from there as Kenny Britt went off for the Titans.

It’s time to make the decision about the future QB and deep down I believe Reid believes that Kolb is the future even if Michael Vick is the now. (Something evident by the AP report that Vick will start after the bye week.) With all that said, I think Kolb deserves to start in two weeks against Indianapolis even if he won’t get that chance.

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