Eagles Cakes, Hoagies & Coffee — Oh My

Giving away your best-selling product for free seems like something Warren Buffet would see as a horrible idea, but, then again, Dunkin Donuts has seemingly everyone hooked on its joe anyway.

What's one day of freebie coffee gonna hurt them? Especially since it's all in honor of the Birds and their still-unbelievable playoff run.

At the ACME in Upper Darby, there doesn't appear to be any free stuff, but like every other store in the area -- if it's green, they'll slap an eagles logo on it and sell it.

The ACME bakers are pumping out deliciously-sweet, thickly-frosted cakes and cookies. They have gone through a ton of green food coloring in the last week.

If you happen to be in the Upper Darby store, ask to hear Gwendolyn's (the customer service lady) loudspeaker version of "Fly Eagles Fly." She is a modern day Kate Smith who is just as sweet as the aforementioned frosting on the cupcakes.

Then again, the Eagles are in the playoffs. We are World Series Champions. Everything sounds sweet in our world these days.

Gwendolyn could sing worse than Sanjaya, but to sports fans, everything sounds like Carrie Underwood.

On that American Idol note -- ahem -- Fly Eagles, Fly!

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