Duncan Jones is Ahead of His Time

At the tender age of 39, the oldest son of David Bowie has officially made a name for himself far outside his father's massive rock star reach. His feature debut, Moon released in 2009, was a sometimes scintillating take on 'serious' science fiction, with star Sam Rockwell in perpetual isolation beyond the technology all around him. His follow up, the more commercially minded Source Code, stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a fighter pilot unwittingly placed into an experimental military program whereby his consciousness is repeatedly sent into the body of a teacher on a Chicago commuter rail exactly eight minutes before the train is blown up by a terrorist bomb, in order to find out the culprit.

Describe your film in a single tweet.
A helicopter pilot finds himself on a commuter train heading to Chicago. Everyone around him believes they know who he is but he believes he's someone else. Then the train explodes; then things get weird.

Can you give us an example of a potential tag line for the film?
"Jakes on a Train."

What three movies would Netflix recommend for people who enjoy this one?
I have to give [TV series] "Quantum Leap" as one of them. Groundhog Day and Twelve Monkeys.

Should you drink before, after or during this film?
I think afterwards. I think the way to do it is go to the movie with a group of friends, people who you like to talk with, hopefully the ending will get your brain-cells active, then go down to the pub or the bar and spend some time drinking and talking about it.

What Should they drink?
A smooth, but incredibly rich whisky or scotch. Or a milkshake.

Source Code opens wide this Friday. Catch it at the AMC Cherry Hill orThe Pearl, among other area theaters.

For more of Duncan Jones, check out his 'Sin City' Interview.

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