Drunk? Call Sober Sam for a Safe Ride

Get you and your car home safe this holiday

Wednesday night is the unofficial Super Bowl of partying -- the night when a convergence of old friends home for Thanksgiving, bar specials and hormones combine to form the arguably drunkest night of the year.

And, with all that drinking unfortunately comes a lot of drunk driving.

Police normally step up patrols to catch intoxicated drivers in the act. And the fines and penalties for drunk driving could cost thousands.

So, not only is it horribly irresponsible and dangerous to drink and drive but it could also cost you big bucks if you caught.

But, now revelers in South Jersey and Philly have a way to get home safely with their car without having to drive.

Just call Sober Sam.

The new South Jersey startup (they only launched about three weeks ago) hopes to offer people an alternative to getting behind the wheel, said owner Jerry Adams.

"It's a safety net for people," said Adams.

We want to save lives primarily, Adams said. We don't want anyone else to be affected by a drunk driving crash or to have to pay for the mistake of DUI, he added.

The aim of Sober Sam is pretty simple. “Our goal is to safely drive you and your car home while saving you the dangers of driving while intoxicated,” they claim on their Web site.

But, like most things, Sober Same isn’t free. They charge around $20 to $30 plus a mileage fee. The cost depends on when you need the ride, according to the Courier Post.

"The cost is nothing compared to what it could cost," warned Adams.

It isn’t cheap, but $25 is a lot less than the cost of getting caught driving while intoxicated or causing a crash. Not to mention that drinking and driving puts you and anyone else on the road in harm's way.

Sober Sam is around through the holidays and they won't be going anywhere. Just call 856-520-5679 to get a ride home.

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