Driver Runs Down Cop, Smashes Into Cop Car

A Philadelphia police officer has a broken hip after a driver ran him down during a traffic stop in Hunting Park, Tuesday morning, investigators said.

The officer pulled over a car at 5th and Roosevelt Boulevard after watching it hit a few parked cars, according to detectives. 

While talking to the driver, the passenger tried to get away.  The officer chased the passenger and the diver hit the gas, hitting the officer sending him flying on top of the car.

The passenger got back into the car and it took off on the Boulevard, going the wrong way, running into a police car responding to the scene. 

The driver of the car was arrested a few minutes later at 5th and Rockland and the passenger was found hiding in nearby bushes, police said.

The officer with a broken hip is in stable condition at Einstein Medical Center.  The other officer whose cruiser was hit was treated and released from the hospital, according to police. 

The driver and passenger are behind bars.

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