DJ Greg Foreman's Favorite Mom Songs

Philly expat Gregg Foreman has brought our city about as much fame and cool cred as can be expected from any one person. He formed Delta 72 in the '90s, before going on to host countless northern-soul inspired DJ nights around the city and touring the world with indie-queen Cat Power. Foreman and Cat Power are on tour at the moment, but you can catch him behind the turntables at the Turnaround Vs Immediate Party in June. Until then, we aked him to satiate our music cravings by creating a playlist inspired by this week's two biggest events: Mother's Day and The Kentucky Derby. Enjoy!

1. Have You Seen Your Mother Baby?, The Rolling Stones
2. Dead Flowers, The Rolling Stones
3. Ghost Rider, Suicide
4. Mama Feelgood, Lyn Collins
5. Bring on the Dancing Horses, Echo & the Bunnymen
6. Silver Stallion - Cat Power (HIghway Men Cover)
7. Horses, Patti Smith (NSFW)
8. Mother Popcorn, James Brown
9. Tell Mama, Etta James
10. It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleedin', Bob Dylan
11. Dominion, Mother Russia, Sisters of Mercy
12. Mother Sky, Can

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