Destroyer, Mojitos, Art Installations

Destroyer: Dan Bejar, head handyman of The New Pornographers, takes his long-standing sweetheart act Destroyer to the Church tonight. Some view Bejar's new-agey songs and choral delivery as a giant dose of irony, others welcome it as a visit back to days of emo's past. Only you can be the judge. $13 8 p.m.

Mojito Mondays: Catch a swift case of the Mojito Mondays at the Rum Bar tonight and drink as many muddled, minted concotions as you like for half-off. 11 a.m.-2 a.m.

Artist Lecture: Public art-installationist Janet Echelman, the artist behind the Dilworth Plaza renovations will be speaking at the 139th Annual Meeting of the Fairmount Park Art Association at the Art Museum. She will be discussing her plans for the City Hall installation, involving a moving sheet of illuminated dry steam, as well as the importance of movement and interaction in public art. Free. 5 p.m.

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