Dear Philadelphia, A Winner Has Been Chosen

In January, launched a contest asking people to come up with funny or clever “love lines” addressed to Philadelphia to as part of their popular With Love campaign. The winning caption would be posted on their I-95 billboard. 

Nearly 3,000 entries poured in from 42 states.

But you don't have to travel far to find the winner. She's a Philly girl.

Mary Krause took top honors with her love line, “Dear Philadelphia, You had me at Yo! With Love, Mary K.”

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"I just tried to channel my inner Peggy Olson," Mary said, referring to the copywriter from the hit TV series, Mad Men.

Mary grew up in the 'burbs, but moved to the city for college at La Salle, and never left. "Philadelphia has that perfect blend of big city sports and entertainment with the neighborhood feel of a smaller town. Plus, I can walk through the same streets and buildings that Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson did. You can't beat that."

Yo! We hear you, Mary!

Mary's love letter goes on a billboard high above I-95 by the Girard Avenue exit, which is a huge thrill for her because she drives past it every day.

"I reallyl love this billboard campaign. . .Their emotional welcome back to Cliff Lee was a particular highlight."

She get some really cool gifts too -- an "All-Star" weekend getaway in Phily with an overnight hotel package, tickets to the city's star attractions and coveted restaurants.

"It's going to be a blast!"

And here's a little happy hour "love letter" billboard contest trivia you can use to impress your friends:

  • 106 of the entries had a Rocky theme, but only 10 mentioned Adrian.
  • Cliff Lee brought in 44 mentions.
  • There was one wedding proposal and three anniversary announcements.

And even though you can't enter the contest anymore, if you've got a great love line, you can put it on your own billboard with the APP.

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