Daughtry Plays ZZ Top

Building up the drama circus spectacle-style, season 5 "American Idol" finalist Chris Daughtry and his band came on the Susquehanna Bank Center stage to a wild lightshow of spotlights and flashes before playing a set of originals studded with well-placed covers from recent rock history.

As can be imagined, music fans remain seriously divided on his musical chops, but we guess you can't totally argue with success, and to this point the dude who lost in the "AI" top four in a shocking upset has actually been the most popular and successful of all the contestants from that season, including winner Taylor Hicks.

The show itself was spotlighted by a range of Daughtry earnest pop rock originals with a healthy dose of covers, including '80s pop-punker Billy Idol and mini-medly by ZZ Top -- suggesting he can't quite get the format of his former TV show out of his head.

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