Dashing God's Direction

This is a story about faith and determination.

One local group kept the faith and are now determined to expose the people they say took advantage of them.

From the streets of Liberia to the stage at Walt Whitman Theater in Camden, Ben Myers and his wife Felicita are dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth.

"One of the things we like to do when working with young children is to build a relationship with them," said Felicita Myers.

So eight years ago, they founded Inner City Movement, a non-profit, theater and faith-based organization.

But earlier this year while trying to help the disadvantaged in Liberia they were taken advantage of.

Myers said for hours he searched the Internet for the best airfare to Africa and that's when he came across Last Minute Tickets.net.

"They seemed very reputable they had a wonderful website," Ben Myers said.

Myers said he dropped $16,000 on eight tickets, but the night before they were to take off he, said he still hadn't received them and when he went to the airport he found out the tickets were never paid for.

"I was hoping that the airline could do something but they said there was nothing they could do they said we've been scammed and I just broke down," said Ben Myers.

But Myers and his group kept the faith.

"It may look like we don't have the tickets, but we are going," said I.C. Movement member Erica Brown.

And they were right!

Myers said American Express gave them an additional $24,000 worth of credit to purchase new tickets, but they were still out of the original $16,000.

"This woman who owns Last Minute Tickets.net knew everything about out trip well in advance and that's what blows our mind that she still went and did this," said Ben Myers.

The group said they had even told the travel agent about 13-year-old girls desperately needing their help.

"Some are out there prostituting themselves so that they can get food to feed their other brother and sisters so that they can go to school," Brown said.

We recently searched the web for the travel agency, but all we found were complaints and warnings about them -- warnings that the I.C. Movement wants everyone to be aware of.

When asked what they would say to the travel agent who scammed them if given the opportunity, the Myers said thank you.

"What we were suppose to do was still done and these girls lives were still changed and we are still growing so, um, we are stronger because of it and in that respect thank you," said Felicita Myers.

And so are the children they help thousands of miles away and in the City of Brotherly Love.

Inner City Movement hopes to recoup some of their losses this coming weekend.

They're putting on a Christmas play Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 7 pm at the Walt Whitman Theater in Camden, New Jersey.

For ticket information, call the theater at 856-964-8300.

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