Crozer-Keystone Cutting Hundreds of Jobs

If you’re an employee at Crozer-Keystone Health System, Delaware County’s largest employer, you’re probably nervously biting your nails right now, hoping that your job is still on the books in the upcoming weeks.

Officials at Crozer-Keystone Health System announced it will cut loose 400 positions. The reason? You guessed it – the state of our economy.

“We are now experiencing some of the same trends that hospitals have experienced nationally – a decline in admissions, a drop in outpatient volume and an increase in bad debt and self pay,” said Kathy Scullin, Vice President of Public Relations at Crozer-Keyston.

Another “trend” the health system is experiencing: reductions in state reimbursements.

Let’s just lay it out there on the line. These “trends” mean a decline in revenue. A decline in revenue sadly means job cuts.

Scullin doesn’t know the exact number of employees that will be affected by the layoffs, but 400 positions will be slashed.
The “reductions” will go down statewide in all of Crozer-Keystone’s hospitals and will spread across the hierarchy of positions, management to nonmanagement to union and nonunion, Scullin explained.

Delaware County Times: Crozer-Keystone to lay off up to 400 employees

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