Bag a Coyote, Get 25 Bucks?

A Pennsylvania lawmaker wants to give you $25 depending on what you target.

Rep. Mike Peifer, R-Monroe/Pike Counties is proposing a $25 bounty on coyotes to deal with what he calls a region that has become “infested” with the animals.

The Pocono Record reports Mike Peifer has introduced legislation to allow the state game commission to offer the bounty.

"We're just trying to control this population a little bit," he told the paper.

State law already allows year-round coyote hunting, and Peifer says he wants to give hunters an incentive to bag the animals, which he said are preying on everything from house cats to deer, which have increasingly been moving out of the woods and into residents' backyards.

"I can't tell you how many people come up to me and say, 'It's about time somebody did something,'" he said.

He says the measure wouldn't require the commission to implement the bounty but would allow it to do so where the predatory animals are a problem.

The game commission, however, questions how effective such a bounty would be, saying decades-long coyote bounties in western states had little effect.

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