Country Club Diner

If you’re looking for the quintessential Northeast Diner, look no further than the Country Club on Cottman Avenue. It’s especially good at lunch, where the people-watching is at its peak. Have a turkey club or noodle kugel and watch cops and firemen hustle through, high school kids play hooky and senior citizens bicker.

It seems everyone in the adjacent neighborhoods has a story or ritual about the “CC.” For me, it was where I grabbed dessert on my first date with my partner about 10 years ago. The scenery has changed a bit from a decade ago, transforming from 1960’s gaudiness to Manhattan boardroom-chic, but the patronage keeps this diner earthy and easy-going.

As with most diners, the menu is enormous and at any time you can get breakfast, lunch or dinner. Prices are reasonable and you can easily have a hearty breakfast for about $5 or a fine dinner for under $15. What sets the Country Club apart from other bargain eateries is the quality of food; you can be sure that your lettuce will be crisp, your fries won’t be greasy and the deli meats will be fresh.

Service is great and you’re sure to be called “hon” at least once during your visit. The wait staff are experienced and swift and don’t roll their eyes at custom orders or picky eaters. Of course, make sure to save room for dessert. The caramel cashew brownies are decadent but deserve to be shared, preferably on a first date.

Country Club Diner
1717 Cottman Ave.
Mon-Sun 7am-11pm

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