Councilman Cuts Staff Salaries — Not His Own

Councilman W. Wilson Goode Jr. made some cut backs recently. Goode slashed the salaries of some of his employees but his own $102,000 salary went untouched.

Let’s put this into perspective here.

Goode’s budget for his staff is $310,000. He chopped 23 percent off that, reducing it to $237,500.

That means his $102,000 salary is worth about 43 percent of the budget to pay everybody else.

Goode’s Chief of Staff and Special Assistant had their salaries cut.

Another Special Assistant had their job completely wiped out.

Even Latrice Bryant, Goode’s Legislative Aide who kicked up so much controversy over her salary will make 5 percent less than last year – Don’t feel bad for her though she’ll still bank $85,500.


But again, Goode’s salary not touched. Not even a penny. 

When Goode was asked why his salary wasn't cut: "I am the least expensive Council person by far, period," Goode said.

Goode also noted that he doesn't drive a city car, nor does he or his staff have cell phones paid for by the city.

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