Cornering John Taus For Personal Info

John Taus, executive chef at The Corner, is known for his updates to class comfort foods and bar snacks. His Seafood Hot Dog is a big hit with the Philly crowd, and he has also entered the Fried Chicken wars, which have been raging on for a little more than a year. Taus is an affable gent, with a great sense of humor and top-level technical talent, which has earned him the positive attention of local food critics and bloggers alike.

Watch the video to get inside the mind of "Chainsaw," or you can just peep the abridged version below.

What do you crave?
What do I crave? Hot dogs.

Do you know your limits?
Yeah, I know my limits, but I try to stretch [them] a little bit.

What makes you angry?

If you were to win a medal tomorrow, real or imagined, what would it be for?
Oh, wow. Uhhh, not shaving.

What great idea should have been yours?
Uhhhh, that's a tough one. Chef Boyardee Raviolis.

What's been on your to-do list the longest?
Take a vacation.

What won't you share?
Gum. [The Feast]

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