Cornelius Ingram's Left Leg Hates Football

There's apathetic Philadelphians, fans of other teams and straight-up Eagles haters. Then there's Cornelius Ingram's left leg, which we suspect of actually disliking football altogether or possibly being some sort of Bill Belichik-serving Trojan horse.

After suffering through surgeries for ACL tears in his left knee each of the past two seasons, Ingram is now dealing with a Baker's cyst behind the same knee and calf that Jordan Ranaan (hopefully jokingly) reports is larger than Brodrick Bunkley's bicep.

It was drained earlier today.

"Ingram underwent an MRI on his frightful left knee Wednesday. It showed a Baker's cyst in the back of his repaired knee and calf, a 'significant' buildup (according to the team) that needed to be drained. Ingram did not make the trip to Kansas City... 

It's clear the Eagles are not confident in the player they hoped would be their second tight end this season. Head coach Andy Reid did not seem optimistic when asked Wednesday if he was comfortable with his tight ends.

'I would say that I wish Cornelius could be out there and doing his thing and his leg wasn’t bothering him,' Reid said."

Yeesh, Ingram's leg probably sprouted boils as we typed that, or cracked in half at the shin for funsies. It's like he's Scuzzlebutt from South Park, but with the biblicaly unfortunate Job playing the part of Patrick Duffy playing the part of the left leg. 

Or maybe the leg just knows it's a Florida Gator and its entire job is to fail the minute it hits the NFL.

Problem is, if his leg doesn't shape up, Ingram will likely miss his third straight football season and possibly even the roster if the Eagles feel his injuries have permanently shaved the promise from his 6'4" frame.

That'll be sad for Ingram, of course, but it'll be even more sad for Kevin Kolb. In his first year as a starting quarterback, he'll want some good dump-off targets, and when Brent Celek gets a rest, rookie backup Clay Harbor isn't really anyone's idea of a good time.

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