Cops Ordered to Patrol Home of Geno's Owner, Joey Vento

Medford police were ordered to patrol Joey Vento's home and that's kicked up a new controversy for the owner of Geno's Steaks in South Philadelphia.

Joey Vento on Glenn Beck

Vento's last controversy -- his "order in English" signs -- landed him on the Glenn Beck show and made national headlines.

He's been a huge advocate and long-time supporter of veterans and local police. In fact he donated a Harley-Davidson motorcycle to the Medford police department this year and that seems to be the real rub here.

The motorcycle and the fact that Vento doesn't even live in Medford. He lives in the neighboring township of Shamong.

Or maybe, as the Courier Post reports, it's these memos they got ahold of:

"Effective immediately, Patrols are to turn around in the driveway of the Vento residence, (address omitted), while patrolling in the area," Waterman said in an Oct. 13 e-mail, explaining an "extra patrol."

"This is to occur 2 times per day on each shift."

A second email, dated March 5, describes how Medford police conducted "extra patrols of Vento's property while the famliy vacationed for a week (in Europe). It says Vento provided police with emergency contact information and the patrols of his Shamong residence were handled by high-ranking officers, twice per shift.

Before the newspaper got access to the emails through the Open Public Records Act, Medford police denied ever patrolling Vento's Shamong house. Vento, his attorney and Medford officials have all said the patrols have nothing to do with the motorcycle donation.

"We didn't do it because he gave us a motorcycle. We did it because it's the right thing to do," Medford Mayor Bob Martin told the paper. "As long as he pays taxes to the township, he has access to services from the township."

Vento pays taxes on his Shamong-patrolled home to Shamong. But he does pay taxes to Medford on some land he owns there.

"I think the taxpayers should be proud of the efforts of the entire Medford police department. . .House checks of any properties are routine and important," said acting town manager (and former Medford police chief) Stephen Addezio.

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