Cops Accused of Cheating

More than a dozen local police officers have been accused of cheating on their certification test.

An unknown source sent an e-mail to state authorities and the 16 accused officers stating that the policemen cheated on the state-mandated test in February. The accusing letter states that the officers received an e-mail containing answers to the 10-question test, said attorney Stan Miller who is representing the Delaware County Fraternal Order of Police.

The state believes the officers did in fact cheat, but will not say who sent the accusatory e-mail, said Miller.

The departments who are touched by the scandal include Upland, Darby Boro and Oxford, which has already dismissed an officer in response to this, sources said.

While most of the officers admit to receiving the e-mail, many claim to have deleted it without using the answers, said Miller.

The officers are cooperating with the state’s investigation, said Miller. They are also appealing the state’s decertification letter.

Each officer will undergo individual hearings, which may not happen until fall. In the mean time, the 15 officers in Delaware County have all taken the test again and passed and will remain on full duty until the appeal process is complete.

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