Cool Down on South Street

Splash around in Headhouse Square's new fountain

There’s a million and one things you can do to beat the heat, but none quite as fun as gallivanting around in the new fountain on South Street.

The freshly renovated fountain located at 2nd and Lombard in the Headhouse District is drawing quite a crowd. It's look takes after something you might see at Universal Studios, with computerized LED lights and 99 different water patterns.

The fountain was installed after a neighborhood transformation initiative grant was given to the plaza from the city of brotherly love.

“It’s awesome the city gave the grant. It’s a first step to bring people from the area to the redeveloped plaza,” said Marisa Duffy from Skai Blue Media.

Other entertainment in the surrounding area includes Pizzeria Stella, Nail Polish Bar Spa, The Headhouse -- a new beer bar, and many others.

The fountain is open to all ages, plus it’s completely free. So if you need an escape from this record-breaking heat, take advantage and give your wallet a rest. 

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