Prophylactic Shock in Montgomery County

College condom contest has County Officials up in arms

Want to push Montgomery County Commissioners way out of their comfort zone? Just throw a condom wrapper design competition, sponsored of course, by the county.

"I'm stunned, shocked," Commissioner Chairman James Matthews told The Intelligencer.

"I would welcome the staff putting an end to it," said County Commissioner Bruce Castor.

Art students at Montgomery County Community College took part in the competition, sponsored by the county's Health Department  in honor of World AIDS Day.

You would think that a contest promoting safe sex among college students and artistic expression would be better received but it wasn't because of the County's involvement.

The finalists' designs were put on display at MCCC Tuesday afternoon from 1 to 7. Anyone who attended the AIDS Day program could vote on their favorite and also get a rapid AIDS test, according to the Health Department Web site.

The County would then spend $360 to print the winning design on 1,000 condoms to be distributed mostly to students at MCCC’s Blue Bell and Pottstown campuses, according to PhillyBurbs.

The county's three commissioners weren’t happy about the whole thing even though the federal government was footing that fee.

"I have nothing to say," Commissioner Joe Hoeffel told the paper.

"I don't think we should be in the business of sponsoring condom design contests," said Commissioner Castor.


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