Color You Music with iHome


COLORFUL MUSIC: The iHome brand is known for great sound but now you can have your speakers match your tunes with their iH15W color changing stereo system.  This home speaker system can be set to your favorite color or it can cycle through a whole rainbow of colors! $59.99 available at The Apple Store, 160 S Gulph Road, King of Prussia, PA, (610) 265-2321

STAY PUT: There’s nothing worse than spending an hour putting on your makeup for it to completely melt or smear off just a few hours later!  The key to keeping your face in place is how you treat your skin before applying the makeup and Biologique Recherche will help your make up last all night!  $55 available at

EASY MATCH: San Francisco-based jewelry designer, Julie Tuton makes jewelry for the modern woman.  Her jewelry is very dainty and feminine, but it can be accessorized with almost anything making all of her pieces a worthwhile investment! Available at

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