Cole Hamels Hopes His Sons Prefers Golf

Talk about a couple that’s “glowing.” 

Ace Phillies Pitcher Cole Hamels and wife Heidi seemed relaxed and happy on The 10! Show set today, even though Heidi says she’s not getting a lot of sleep. She’s pregnant with their second child and says this boy is a “kicker.” Nevertheless, she looks absolutely glamorous, still wearing heals with a perfect baby basketball bump. Cole says they won’t name the baby “Cole Jr.” and wouldn’t mind if he wanted to be a professional golfer so he can tag along and caddy for him. 
Cole said he caught poison oak on a recent fishing trip with “Chooch”, Cliff Lee and some of the other guys. He says he got the worst of it and doesn’t know how he pitched through “the itch.”

We asked Cole how we keeps from getting distracted when the fans go wild. He says he doesn’t get stressed out and that if you do, that’s when you get yourself in big trouble.
The Hamels are promoting their upcoming Diamonds and Denim event that funds The Hamels Foundation. The foundation gives thousands of dollars to schools in Philadelphia and children in Africa.

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