Cold-Blooded Career Criminal

Burgess confessed to two brutal murders, say police.

If Marie Ott had died in her sleep, suffered a heart attack or succumbed to the ravages of cancer, people who knew and loved her would surely have been saddened, but not terribly shocked. After all, at 81, she’d lived longer than the average American. And at that age, if one of the top killers doesn't get you, in the end, the other one often does.

But Marie’s last moments were much worse than any of those scenarios.

She died during a terrifying and painful ordeal. A man stabbed her multiple times, inside her Ridley Township home, and then tied a plastic bag around her head.

Jermaine Burgess confessed to that horrible crime, according to police. He told them money was the motive when he broke into the widow’s home in October.

Marie Ott’s son says he can’t imagine his mother’s last moments. She was the type of woman everyone loved.

Burgess has been called a cold-blooded, career criminal.

He was arrested over the weekend by Upper Darby police, who say he confessed to another awful crime -- attacking a couple in their bed, with a hammer. Police say he killed the husband and sexually assaulting the wife. That was November 10th.

 Burgess knew his victims because he lived next door to the Upper Darby couple and sometimes he would stay with relatives who lived next door to Marie Ott, say police.

 Burgess has been jailed in Philadelphia since December 17th. Police there say he carjacked a woman and threatened to kill her. The woman called 911 screaming for help. Burgess fought violently with police when they caught up with him.

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