Colbert & The Roots Sing ‘Friday'

As part of an ongoing 'charity war' between Best Friends For Six Months Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon, Fallon's viewers were treated to a special musical interlude with Colbert, the Legendary Roots Crew and several other special guests as they sang Rebecca Black's interminable 'Friday'.

The initial 'bru-ha-ha' erupted from Colbert's initial pledging of $26,000 of Jimmy Fallon's money to Colbert's charity of choice, Donors Choose, which allows people to specifically select where their donations are used to classrooms in need. With Fallon's viewers matching Colbert's donation, comedy fans everywhere were treated to a stirring rendition of easily the lamest song of 2011, even if it has been viewed on youtube more than 82 million times.

Our favorite moment? Hard to pick one, but watching Black Thought belting out a verse from inside a car door has to rank pretty high.

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